Folder Icon X

Create customized desktop folder icons from pictures, files, folders, or icns documents.

Version 3.0.2


Iconizer Pro X

Build a group of icons from any QuickTime-compatible pictures to be folder backgrounds.

Version 3.0.6


Launch Items X

Open documents and launch applications with a set of hierarchical contextual menus.

Version 1.9b


Move Items X

Move items, make copy, and make aliases with a set of hierarchical contextual menus.

Version 1.6.1


Make Symlink

Create unix-styled symbolic links with a contextual menu.

Version 1.1.6


Print Documents CM

Print selected documents with target printers using a contextual menu.

Version 1.1.2


Multiple Launcher X

Create stand-alone launchers which can open multiple files and folders.

Version 1.1.8


Folder Contents CM

Show folder contents using hierarchical contextual menus.

Version 1.7.1


Browse Volumes

Navigate through the entire disks.

Version 1.4.2


Iconizer Pro OS 9

Version 2.1.2


Iconizer Pro Plugin

Version 1.5


Icon Calculator

Version 1.0.7


Icon Exporter

Version 1.8


Primer Validator

Search oligonucleotide in multiple sequence files.

Version 1.3

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Updated: August 5, 2006